Jana Sanskritiís forthcoming programme in Europe
  Jana Sanskriti Centre for Theatre of the Oppressed will be performing in five different countries in Europe. Spain, France, Netherlands, Sweden and Croatia will be the countries. FORMAT in Netherlands, EnVie and GTO in France, Pothatom and others in Spain, CvR, Konnsjögården, in Sweden, Aleksander Bancic in Croatia are the hosts of this event. This is a remarkable solidatity action. Jana Sanskriti in this tour will be performing forum plays on Domestic violence, Modern development paradigm, Relationship that exists between Party and People. MNCs intervention in agriculture. Julian Boal is coordinating this event like he did in the past. This is the fifth tour of Jana Sanskriti in France and first tour to other four countries.




2 - 8 : Netherlands (ramatthyssen@formaat.org)
9 - 16: Barcelona (pa_tothom@yahoo.es)
17 - 26 : Croatia (sbancic@mac.com)
27th: Travel to Sweden
28 - 2 : Sweden (claes.von.rettig@telia.com)
2 - 11: France (jf.martel@free.fr)